There is an art to everything and living well is no exception, and it is the way that Mathilde Allibe (CEO) shared her passion for Christmas with us all. 

The art of living is to make your life an expression of who you are, what you believe in and your desires – whilst living an enjoyable life. For luxury interior designers, the art of living encompasses everything, from what you eat, your sense of style and design, to your overall lifestyle.

The Christmas season is a joyous time for our designers to start twiddling their fingers on how to decorate the showroom because in essence, beyond the shiny marble surfaces and elegant mantlepieces, who wouldn’t enjoy the feeling of decking the halls in preparation for Christmas?

At Secretcape, we define our sense of style as an art of living or in other words, a retreat. Not only do we appreciate quality and elegance, we use exclusivity, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art design – all tailored to the needs of our sophisticated clients.

Since we will be expecting visitors for our Our Festive Afternoon Tea, we have added a few Christmas decorations around the building to create a welcoming sense of home. The office already has a gorgeous and rich palette with natural elements and textures on the walls. With red currant and cinnamon scented candles burning every day, it instantly creates a unified and cosy feel when you step into reception.

So how did we make sure our festive surroundings look the part? Here are 3 simple statements around the office that completed a simple, festive look.


What signals the arrival of Christmas other than a classic luxury wreath? It is not just the halls you want to deck this Christmas – it needs to start from the front door!

We chose to go for a lovely bright wreath with berries and holly leaves to ensure the most festive of first impressions when people visit our humble abode. It would not feel like Christmas without one!

With elegant and vivid colours, wreaths create a great welcome for visitors. For a cohesive Christmas display, make sure the wreath matches well with your home’s aesthetic!


You will probably be hosting dinner parties or afternoon tea events in the month of December so a festive table makeover should be on the cards. You cannot go wrong with a gorgeous dining set that brings everything together. In our showroom, we used a collection from Grant Macdonald – a gorgeous gold set that catches your eye. In addition to all the miniature trees and fake snow, it captured the Christmas look we were going for. 


To capture a true Christmas vibe in the office, there are so many cosy areas that layer up the interior so well. Items like candle arrangements, throws, mistletoes and greenery on surfaces help to add that comfort factor everywhere you go. 

And of course – Christmas without a grandiose tree would not feel like Christmas, completed with charming singing carols.

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