There is nothing that feels quite as indulgent as an afternoon tea party.

Here at Secretcape, we hosted our very first afternoon tea event, where we welcomed guests and suppliers who have supported us this year. The showroom was beautifully decorated to create the perfect festive ambiance for guests to walk around and mingle, whilst enjoying a glass of mulled wine. The only thing missing was Santa Clause himself!

In collaboration with talented designers, we designed the showroom to really dazzle our guests with décor and style. Everything from the textured walls, the sound of mellow Christmas songs, the scent of cinnamon candles and the intricate details that meet the eye, enhanced all senses from the moment you step through the door.

The gorgeous pearl wallpaper from Fameed Khalique decorated one section of the showroom. It is a beautiful surface material made for luxurious homes, accompanied by a majestic hand-crafted brass vase and a candlestick by Dal Furlo.

luxury interior design, Dal Furlo, candlestick, pearl wallpaper, fameed khalique, secretcape showroom,
Crafted Brass Vase & Candlestick - Dal Furlo
fameed khalique, pearl wallpaper, showroom design, afternoon tea event, christmas event
Pearl Wallpaper - Fameed Khalique

We also had the pleasure of showcasing Tai Ping’s rich artisan heritage for the first time, with a soft to touch hand-sculpted carpet that guests could admire and touch.

The eye-catching dining collection stood out on the table, along with gorgeous miniature Christmas trees to give off a festive look. The red vase was definitely a showstopper and exuded luxury. It stood out bright and powerful amongst the gold dining collection.

tai ping wallpaper, secretcape, afternoon tea event, christmas event
Tai Ping - Ostracod
afternoon tea, crystal red vase, christmas, secretcape, festive season, mayfair event, london afternoon tea
Red Vase - Lasvit & Gold Dining Set - Grant Macdonald

And of course, it would not be an amazing afternoon tea party without the best tea we could possibly offer. We collaborated with The Tea Makers of London, who were kind enough to host a fine tea tasting session for our guests.

The Founder, Sam Sameen has years of knowledgeable experience working with independent farmers and small tea artisans, sourcing authentic flavours from Taiwan, Japan, India and more.

Sam shared his thoughts on the event and the importance of authenticity for his brand.

“The moment we walked in here, it was like walking into an amazing theatre. Everything at Secretcape is so sleek and smart. Immediately, I told my colleague that this resonates with what we do.”

“We provide one of kind tea from different parts of the world, so in search of the gem we are looking for, we work with independent farmers who we have a good relationship with. We got to know them over 6-7 years so we are all about authenticity.”

The flavours that we had the pleasure of tasting were: Honey Orchid Oolong, Japanese Premium Gyokuro and Glenburn First Flush Darjeeling.

“We (The Tea Makers of London) stand for simplicity and pureness. We talk about the delicate flavours of the tea, how it is so simplistic yet beautifully crafted as a product. Our ethos is the same in terms of what we are trying to achieve.”

Amongst the chatter and the clinking of champagne glasses, our fellow friends at The Nanz Company, a fine custom American hardware company, were also there to enjoy the evening.

Gabriel, a Sales team member thoroughly enjoyed the event with his fellow colleague: “I have been working on a project in Malibu and it was my first experience with Secretcape. I really enjoyed working with the team of designers who really made a great effort.”

afternoon tea, christmas, secretcape, festive season, mayfair event, london afternoon tea

Lizzie, The Nanz Company, was also pleased by the lovely welcome she received at the event: “Everyone is so friendly – from the Interior Designers, Architects to the CEO Mathilde! I had such a great time and it says a lot about the company.”

The afternoon tea party was the perfect way to celebrate the success of this year with our fellow suppliers and friends in the industry. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to treat our guests with the finest tea, where they can unwind and relax in Secretcape’s luxurious hub.

Cheers to many more celebrations in 2020 with an inspirational after thought from our CEO, Mathilde:

“Success never comes alone. It is always the strength of people amongst a team which will give the key to success. All one, together. And what a better time of the year than celebrating the collaborations built during the years?”

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