There is always something warm and inviting about having a candle flickering in a room. When it is arranged beautifully with the right accessories, you would be surprised by how much it can really transform a living space.

Here at Secretcape, we adore candles and always burn them around our offices.

As the days are getting shorter, you are probably thinking of ways to illuminate your space. But aside from the practical aspect of lighting candles to create a warm glow, interior designers are now using candles to transform a living space, open a room and help create a cosy atmosphere.

What are the benefits for burning candles?

    • Creates a glow
    • Scents your home
    • Creates a relaxing atmosphere
    • Benefits your mind as it can reduce anxiety

Candles are also known for their healing and soothing properties, which is why it is often used in therapy rooms. For example, aromatherapy candles help you relax and unwind. Eucalyptus candles help to improve focus and energy, and lavender scents help to ease your mind and relieve stress.

Our CEO Mathilde enjoys lighting candles for the ambience it creates for our work environment. She describes a good candle as the feeling of being at home, welcomed, comfortable and almost protected.

“Just to light a candle, to see the flame, is a step towards a calm emotion. The scent is the 2nd aspect and it helps you relax in an environment that does not suddenly feel cold and without emotion.”

CEO, Mathilde Allibe

There are things that designers think about when it comes to interior design which involves conscious and unconscious thinking. For example, colours and fabric are things that are conscious as it’s something we can react to.

But when it comes to fragrances, smells are an unconscious layer that helps to subtly create a mood in a room.

With that being said, here are Mathilde’s top picks for luxury candle scents. I’m telling you, she is in love with them!


Richly scented before you even light it. Red Currant is a scent that has got just the right amount of fragrance – enough to waft through a room, but subtle enough to never get overwhelming.


This scent helps you relax after a busy day with a fragrance that embodies an old-fashioned aura. It resembles vanilla, with a refreshing and intoxicating aroma.


If you are looking for something that is fresher and crisper, Green Tea Powder is a complex blend of fresh green tea aroma with citrusy middle tones.

One last tip for creating a luxury ambience; when it comes to candles and home décor, it is not always about the scent. Interior designers also think about candle arrangement.

The perfect candle arrangement on a dining table or on a shelf can definitely elevate and adorn your living space. So do not miss the opportunity to make all the small things count when decorating a room.

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