It is a fresh new year and we are back in the office after a rejuvenating and fabulous break. 

This is the time to set goals and resolutions for yourself – whether it is for your health and fitness, your career or even personal goals that you set for yourself that will positively impact your life.

The interior designers are currently preparing for a busy year, with exciting projects in the making from trips abroad to getting the showroom ready with new and relevant items. So, before we dive into what we have in store this year, I took some time to pick the brains of our Interior Designers with one simple question.

Who or what has inspired you in 2019 and why?


In a creative field like design, art is a very popular source for inspiration which helps us return the creative flow to our work process.

My inspiration last year was Lauren Collin, a Paris-based artist. Her artwork is so magnificent in every way – from craftsmanship, attention to detail and accuracy, to the organic movement she produces with material as simple as paper and a scalpel. Lauren Collin’s creations made me focus on finding and creating perfection in my everyday life.

INTERIOR DESIGNER – Patricija Gadliauskaite

lauren collins artwork, pencil and scalpel design, artists, inspiration 2020
Lauren Collin [Source: Instagram]
Lauren Collin [Source: Instagram]


Meeting interesting people in the industry, learning something new and making valuable connections is crucial for your own personal and professional growth. Carlota talks about how she was inspired when participating in Hostys Connect 2019, an International Luxury Hospitality & High End Residential B2B event held in Barcelona:

Being part of Hosty’s event in Barcelona has given me the opportunity to meet new suppliers in the industry, with a wide view of what is in the market and the quality required for each specific project. Further to this, I gained a real understanding [from a design point of view] in the difference between Hotels and Residence.


I can certainly say that my skills have improved from both understanding how each sector works and by acquiring more knowledge from an Interior Designer’s point of view.



Event location: Hotel Majestic, Barcelona


Exploring different cultures, traditions and designs can inspire us in so many ways. For one of our Interior designers, her love for travel and nature is a source for inspiration.

I constantly draw inspiration from nature, travel, visiting galleries, castles and known places such as luxury restaurants and hotels. When out in nature, I always find incredible colour palettes! I love observing the small differences in tonality, whether it is between different colours, tones of an animal, and intricate textures. I also observe places that I visit. As well as working on many collaborations in 2019, we managed to meet with many artisans, which helped us develop, evolve and learn new artistic techniques.


Cultural diversity is also a great source of inspiration for me. Everyone has a story to tell and a rich history of traditions and artistic techniques to be explored and that can be incorporated into my work. I also get a lot of my inspiration from our CEO, Mathilde.




In 2019 I began working at Secretcape and I believe my design taste and style changed in favour of neutral colours in interior design. When I browse social media, I look for inspiration gravitating towards neutrality. I began to understand this timeless way of designing: neutrals that work for any gender, any accent of colour and any trend in time. Colour palettes that create spaces of serenity and warmth is my mantra when designing for clients.


In a nutshell, if you ask me who or what inspired me, Secretcape inspired me.




Diana was inspired by a specific product, and was fascinated by one of her favourite designers, Elsa Peretti.

2019 gave me a lot of opportunities to rediscover forgotten designs and designers, such as Elsa Peretti, a jewellery designer for Tiffany & Co. Ideas that touch our senses are compelling and timeless.

Her words: “Jewellery is not fashion, it has to last,” reminded me of the importance of design in the interior world. Peretti’s jewellery designs are inspired by nature. I was particularly fascinated by the bone bracelet. What can be closer to us in nature than a human?


INTERIOR DESIGNER – Diana Lukjanciuk 

Elsa Peretti
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And of course, what is better than being surrounded by your loved ones, who can bring support and inspiration every single day?

My close friends who have been through different stages in life and have shown me emotions and attitudes, leaving me impressed and almost without words. People who have been through tough times and have shown a smile and positive attitude throughout, people who have shown patience while fire was almost at their door, people who have shown me their vulnerability and passions. 


And the person who keeps inspiring me daily would be my husband, who is a pure visionary thinker, and a beautiful, true soul.


CEO – Mathilde Allibe

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