Best Destinations for Design & Architecture Lovers

 “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert From the famous words of Gustave, there is no better way to open your mind and find inspiration than to travel. Whether you want to scope out the hottest designs in southeast Asia or head to Europe […]

The Versatility of Leather

Leather has well and truly made its way into fashion, handbags and home decor – and it is here to stay. When it comes to interior decor, there is nothing more adaptable and timeless than leather. Its versatility allows you to choose edgy leather pieces, as well as timeless and classic styles that would suit […]

Secretcape x boot Düsseldorf 2020

boot Düsseldorf showed a real wave of success with more than 250,000 visitors in attendance! Our team of designers dressed 7 luxury yachts, including a VIP lounge, which played an important role for exhibitors to secure a sale. ‘Dressing’ a yacht involves the arrangement of cutlery, amenities, decorative items and other accessories to make the […]

Colour Psychology: How Does It Make You Feel?

Colours are seen as a visual language that is communicated through interior design. It is also used in ways that evoke emotion, moods and personality in a home. For many designers, it is a thoughtful process of getting to know a client, to ensure that they choose colours for the intended atmosphere wisely.  For example, […]

New Year Reflections: What Inspires Us?

It is a fresh new year and we are back in the office after a rejuvenating and fabulous break.  This is the time to set goals and resolutions for yourself – whether it is for your health and fitness, your career or even personal goals that you set for yourself that will positively impact your […]

For The Love of Candles: Our Top Picks

There is always something warm and inviting about having a candle flickering in a room. When it is arranged beautifully with the right accessories, you would be surprised by how much it can really transform a living space. Here at Secretcape, we adore candles and always burn them around our offices. As the days are […]