Leather has well and truly made its way into fashion, handbags and home decor – and it is here to stay.

When it comes to interior decor, there is nothing more adaptable and timeless than leather. Its versatility allows you to choose edgy leather pieces, as well as timeless and classic styles that would suit any contemporary or modern home.

As with any material, too much leather in one space can leave a room feeling ‘cold’, therefore it always works best to feature one leather piece in a room, or finishing it off with accent pillows – choosing patterns that enhance the natural richness and bring colour into a room.

Aside from interior decor, leather has always been paving its way in other industries too. Here are some of our top picks:


Have you seen the Hermès 2020 Spring collection? It honours the speciality which still exists in Paris fashion: the quest for values which will last longer than passing trends. 

Hermès is the perfect example of the use of high quality leather that can stand the test of time – and still look fashionable. 

In this day and age where trends come and go, leather remained an iconic and consistent material throughout the years.


Furniture with leather upholstery brings a sense of wealth and luxury into a design aesthetic for living room decoration. Due to the leather’s rich and heavy look, it is usually a prominent piece, so it is good idea to have softer, lighter pieces accompanying it so that the room has space to breathe.

Choose a leather sofa or chair that will not only be comfortable to sit on but holds a lasting quality.


Adding accessories brings out the colours and textures in a room, making it cosy to live in. We love Purdey’s vegetable tanned leather wine carrier that works perfectly in small spaces.

By placing luxurious pieces in different finishes around a room, you create a bold focal point for leather, making it the hero. A well deserved feature considering its history. 


Knowing ALMA Leather’s heritage and versatility when it comes to leather, we have chosen to focus on an aesthetic we love –  their immaculate eye for detail. 

Our image (right) shows a handrail as part of a luxury yacht interior with a running stitch that could in fact be part of a garment. The detail is so neat, it resembles the interior of an automobile. 



Working with Foglizzo during the Düsseldorf Boat show allowed us to experience the passion and history behind their craft. Specialising in fine Italian leather, Foglizzo have unparalleled artisanal skill and innovative technical expertise, creating everyday items such as tissue holders, document holders and cushions. With an endless palette of colours and textures, Foglizzo spans durable automotive leather that fits the standards required by the customers.


Leather in all its various forms will always hold its place amongst fabric for its natural beauty, strength and elegance. With an array of different textures that could be incorporated into fashion, interior design, handbags and upholstery, it will remain a timeless texture for those who love going for a classic style. But will it go green? 
The leather industry are working on creating a transparent supply chain, with efforts to market leather as a lasting, eco-friendly material. Companies like Nisolo, a footwear and accessories brand, are experimenting with more natural inputs, such as tree bark, to produce some of their leather skins. This is due to international standards set by the World Organization of Animal Health to ensure animals get to live free of pain, injury and disease. 

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