Now that the Düsseldorf Boat Show has come to an end, here is an inside look on the luxury yachts we had the pleasure of working on. As a team, we were able to elevate and display the yachts in a grandiose and magnificent way. 

What better way to adorn the tables other than Grant Macdonald’s luxury dining collection. Combining beauty, efficiency and elegance, these hand-made gems bring the highest form of luxury to your yachting experience. 

Of course, we had to bring class and elegance to each yacht by incorporating Limac‘s fancy bags to the yachts. With neutral colours that remind you of earth and nature, it was the perfect combination. 

From candle holders, photo frames to the finest whiskey glasses, Armani came with versatility and provided gems across all the yachts. When thinking of luxury, what else could possibly come to mind?

Adding natural elements to our decor, Ooumm‘s sensual, marble design were a big hit on the yacht, with candle holders designed in style. It is a statement piece that brings a unique print to the space.

Ghidini 1961 gives the luxury look with its gorgeous gold items used for tissue holders, champagne and tableware. Gold is the colour of success, triumph and wealth. 

The finest accessories from James Purdey & Sons provided functionality and aesthetics. Why live in style when you can also travel in style? This range is timeless and is the definition of high quality.

Adding extravagant and eclectic elegance to any decor, Reflections Copenhagen brings the lavish crystals, the beautiful amber tones and that extra “bling” with vases that catches your eye. 

From desk clocks to gorgeous vases, Baccarat has mastered infinite possibilities for sculpting beautiful crystals that bring the wow factor to yachting life.

 Using nordic designs with an elegant and modern range of bowls and vases, Skandium bring items that are simply gorgeous. Who said everyday objects can’t be luxurious?

Lo Decor brings a fresh approach to classic designs on cushions, with easy to match items for any room. We refreshed the lounge area and bedroom with gorgeous cushions to make it feel homely.

Drink in style with Lalique‘s satin-finished crystal glassware. Imagine cruising away on a yacht and pouring a nice drink. Sit back, relax and bring sophistication to your drinks trolley.

Made from the finest fabrics, Diane James created handmade faux bouquets that refreshed the look of the yachts. During the boat show, these gorgeous flowers helped bring some nature in.

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