boot Düsseldorf showed a real wave of success with more than 250,000 visitors in attendance! Our team of designers dressed 7 luxury yachts, including a VIP lounge, which played an important role for exhibitors to secure a sale.

‘Dressing’ a yacht involves the arrangement of cutlery, amenities, decorative items and other accessories to make the yacht both homely and customised to reflect the owner’s taste and personality. 

Here are 7 yachts that we have worked on, in partnership of Sunseeker:

Manhattan 52   |   Predator 60   |   Sport Yacht 74   |   Yacht 76  |   Yacht 86   |   Yacht 95   |   Manhattan 68

The use of elegance and simplicity in interior design is what Secretcape stands for. Working on yachts is all about the small details, whilst also making sure the yacht looks as grand and luxurious as possible.

We wanted all decorative pieces to be the centre of attention, whilst appreciating and complimenting the luxurious design of the yachts. Carlota, Interior Designer 

“It is very important to always take the size of the items into consideration due to the shape of the cabins. It is best to keep the view clear and free to make it feel more spacious,” Patricija, Interior Designer

The designers adorned the tables with fine dining sets from Grant MacDonald, along with elegant faux flower arrangements by the one and only Diane James. Adding natural touches gave the table an everlasting beauty, which is a source of inspiration for Diane’s hand-made bouquets. 

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Dining Collection & Glasses - Grant MacDonald | Flowers - Diane James | Silver Tray - Lalique

Yachts are canvases that communicate an owner’s sense of style and taste. It is also a place for escapism and luxury. That is why we decided to go for a certain aesthetic – one that exudes exclusivity and style.

Our External Affairs Representative, Asil, was present during the fair, by welcoming guests and personal clients who didn’t want to miss out on the grand show.

“After speaking with many of our discreet clients, they were pleased with the results and were confident that this fair is not to be missed. By the results of it all, we definitely agree with them.”  Asil, External Affairs Representative

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Bacarrat's Harc-Abysse Vodka Set displayed at boot Düsseldorf 2020

“The first few seconds at the boat show will truly take your breath away. Standing next to these yachts can make you feel almost shy and very small. Sunseeker, amongst all of the other big boys, really stood out and it was a very interesting adventure with our team. We cannot wait to work on more looks.” CEO, Mathilde

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